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please find my heidelberg-b&w-photographs at atelier keskin/ heidelberg - heiliggeiststr.25/ tel. 06221-658042 or at galerie welker/ heidelberg - hauptstr 106/ tel 06221-166044


Can I help you?

You are looking for photos or image files of Heidelberg?

Go to heidelberg or to my special "heidelberg site" www.heidelberg-photos.de!

You need an experienced photographer for theatre photos, somebody who works quickly and reliably?

Go to unterwegstheater, theatre photos or dance and have a look at the sample photos!

You are looking for a photographer who isn't afraid of hundreds of children on stage? - In other words, one who can take photos of the shows of your ballet school?

Go to dance_schools and have a look, how I can cope with the situation!

You are tired of so called portrait photos that seem depicted someone else entirely? - Have your portrait made and like it for a change!

Look at the samples you find at people!

You need a professional sed card?

Go to my special page sed card describing how it works, and to people_girls/sed cards where I show you how it looks like!

You are looking for a photographer, who photographs your fashion collection with as much imagination as you put into designing it?

What do you think of those samples you find at people_fashion?

Do you need a visually appealing documentation of your construction site or of your finished buildings?

I have many years of experience with large-scale projects, as you can see at buildings.

You need urgently photos for an image brochure or your companys website?

Go to products/ companies and see what has been very appreciated by other companies!

You need photos of your band, your orchestra, for your CD-booklet?

You will find samples at music/ CD-photos!

Do you find the usual wedding photos rather dull?

Perhaps you will like the photos you can find on my wedding page:weddings!

You need reproductions of pictures you are exhibiting, but you want to leave them in place?

This works very well as you can see at art!

You want to know whatelse I do?

Go to documentaries, exhibitions or to my own projects!

You want to do really good photography yourself?

Inform you at workhops!

You want to talk about prices?

You will find sample prices at people:girls:sed card or at people:press and portfolio photos. My proposal is: send me an email or give me a call and describe, what you want!

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